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Hear Clear Pro

"Exceptional Tools for Harmonious Living"

Co-founders Sheryll Hirschberger and Douglas Reichwein invite you to review the services and resources of the Institute for Contemporary Feng Shui.

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Through consultations, professional speaking, seminars and publications, Sheryll and Douglas translate the core principles of Feng Shui into easy-to-follow applications that can have a profound effect on your health, relationships, prosperity and happiness.

"Our work is a sacred trust. We won't stop until we find the best possible solutions for you. We are dedicated to helping you create a harmonious life."

Introducing: The Feng Shui Deck

Feng Shui Deck box cover The Feng Shui Deck
50 Ways to Create a Healthy and Harmonious Home
by Sheryll Hirschberger
and Olivia Miller, author of The Yoga Deck (more information on The Yoga Deck and other publications by Olivia Miller)

Published by Chronicle Books, The Feng Shui Deck offers a unique and easy-to-use 50 card format. Each card includes an exploration of one of the nine core principles, corresponding applications to address common household concerns, and related I Ching readings with inspirational questions to ponder.

Learn more about The Feng Shui Deck


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"They took in my family's personalities and needs and what worked for us. Looking at the overall picture of how we were living in the house and what our needs were, they came up with the best solutions. I really like what they recommended."
Nancy Woods, homeowner
for the full case study

"They helped turn a potential nightmare into a fun project. I feel supported in ways I couldn't have anticipated. The consultation was everything I could have wanted, and more."
Joanne Savard, homeowner
for the full case study

"I attribute our current success to that first consultation... It's been constant expansion ever since. We're where we are today because of Feng Shui."
Nancie Shelhamer, business owner
for the full case study

"Sheryll and Douglas are funny and very knowledgeable. They offered many tools to help us understand Feng Shui concepts."
Recent seminar participant
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